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I’ve been helping five AWOL soldiers of United-States, and no one help me help ’em. No anti-war organiaation, no, no one is helping me helping these people. I’m digging money out of my broke pockets to help these people get off the street. And now that’s why I’m here today ’cause… you know, if you believe the 9/11 is a lie like I do, and all these soldiers are going in AWOL, you gotta help the jihad resistance. ‘Cause we’re gonna stop the war, no one else is gonna stop. You can have a million protests, talk to a million politicians, expose 9/11 – which you gotta keep doin’, you gotta keep expose 9/11 – but that’s not gonna stop the war. ‘Cause everybody in America pretty much knows it, every anti-war movement knows it. […] 9/11 was a lie, I know it. We’re soldiers, we know it. So now, I’m helping jihad resistance. That’s what you gotta do. You gotta focus on 9/11 but like Daniel said : you gotta hurt ’em, push ’em stuff.

– Anderson Darrell, ex-vétéran de l’armée américaine

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