Le peuple, seul, pourra sauver Haïti !

La tragédie inqualifiable qui vient de secouer Haïti a suscité, à juste titre, une immense vague de solidarité d’un bout à l’autre de la planète. Des millions de travailleurs, de paysannes et de gens de peu de moyens se disent prêtEs à faire ce qu’il faut pour aider leurs frères et sœurs d’Haïti, aux prises avec cette nouvelle catastrophe. Ils et elles n’en attendent pas moins de la part des gouvernements des États impérialistes, qui ont certes les moyens de porter secours au peuple haïtien et dont les immenses capacités, justement, tiennent de l’exploitation à laquelle ils se livrent des peuples des pays dominés – le valeureux peuple haïtien n’étant pas la moindre de leurs victimes.

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Une Réponse vers “Le peuple, seul, pourra sauver Haïti !”

  1. bonneau Says:

    Bonjour camarades, étant traducteur, je me suis permis de polir quelque peu la traduction anglaise de votre admirable texte intitulé « LE PEUPLE, SEUL, POURRA SAUVER HAÏTI! ». En voici la traduction :

    The people alone can save Haiti !

    The unspeakable tragedy that has shaken Haiti has attracted a huge wave of solidarity around the world, and rightly so. Millions of workers, peasants and people with very little means are prepared to do whatever it takes to help their brothers and sisters in Haiti deal with this catastrophe. They expect nothing less from the imperialist governments, which most certainly have the means to rescue the Haitian people. Paradoxically, their immense capacity to do so stems precisely from their exploitation of the peoples populating the dominated countries, the valiant people of Haiti not being the least of their victims.
    Although the earthquake that devastated Haiti and its people was unpredictable, it is obvious that the country’s weak infrastructure has contributed heavily to the current disaster, as well as to the incapacity to save the many survivors buried under the rubble or again, to treat the tens of thousands of injured. We question, not without reason, the Haitian government’s inability to act, which seems to have vanished with the collapse of the Palais National. It is true that the Haitian state is a failed state, and the men and women who were in charge have rarely shown any capacity to look after the interests of the people. Historically, the Haitian bourgeoisie’s only concern was filling their own pockets, cheerfully accomplished through the blood and sweat of peasants and workers. The same can be said about the large foreign powers, which have always kept the upper hand in national affairs.
    Some seem to welcome the current situation as an opportunity to « rebuild Haiti », which apparently the Haitian people would never be able to do on its own. This idea of a new « Marshall Plan » does not bode well for the Haitian people. The truth is that the major foreign powers have made of Haiti what it is today. They are the ones who colonized, subjugated and robbed her, preventing her from developing as it could have, as its people most certainly would have wanted. They are the ones who overthrew the elected president February 29, 2004 and installed a regime that was more favorable to their own interests. It has been nearly six years that public service, public security and “development” projects are under the direct and strict control of the United States, France, Canada, Québec and Brazil (to name a few). It would be no exaggeration to say that these states are responsible, first and foremost, for the complete lack of preparedness in regards to the recent earthquake and for the total inability of the authorities to respond to the situation.
    And what about those so-called « NGOs », those ill-named organizations? The only “non governmental” thing about them is the title with which they adorn themselves. They have been occupying Haitian territory since time immemorial. It is said that Haiti has more NGOs per square kilometer than any other country, and yet what have they done to help promote Haitian self-determination and condemn foreign exploitation? Have they ever thought of giving their support to the popular, revolutionary forces that could have paved the way towards genuine national development, serving the interests of the Haitian people? What of the tens of millions of dollars they have administered? Could they not have used these funds precisely to build the much talked about infrastructure, whose inadequacies have been pointed out by everyone. Are these the people, organizations and States that we should entrust with the responsibility of rebuilding the country they have never ceased to degrade?
    If it is our right to demand that the major imperialist powers make every effort to quickly rescue the Haitian people, in no way can they be allowed to engage in a shameful campaign of recolonization or a prolonged military occupation. Our solidarity must be offered to Haitian people themselves.
    For those wishing to express their solidarity through financial support, we ask you to consider the possibility of giving to organizations and networks fighting for the liberation of Haiti as well as supporting the popular and revolutionary sectors, as has been the case with the weekly Haïti Liberté, which for nearly three years has witnessed and exposed the Haitian people’s resistance (www.haiti-liberte.com). You can subscribe to the newspaper or even make an online donation. If you wish to make a donation which will serve the immediate cause of direct relief, the International Red Cross Committee appears to be the best option as it is dedicated solely to this task, unlike NGOs such as Oxfam or the IFC that have supported or justified the overthrow of President Aristide and the arrival of occupation forces.
    To the Haitian people, to our brothers and sisters who are living the most difficult moments, we say, have courage, we stand by you and we need you! Together we can build a better world, a world where human catastrophes generated by imperialism will finally be a thing of the past.

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