Copenhagen Accord: It’s Official – Planet Fucked

In a unanimous statement issued on Friday 18th December the Governments of the world gave the go-ahead to runaway climate change. That’s about it from Copenhagen.

There was no target for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, no limit to the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, nothing more than a pious wish that average global temperature should not rise more than 2 degrees above pre global warming levels.

This really was the last chance. Short of global revolution in the next couple of years there is no chance of stopping at 2 degrees.

This figure is crucial to the impact of climate change. It is a scientific best guess at the tipping point to runaway climate change. Beyond the tipping point there is no certainty where rising temperatures stop.

It is not possible to set greenhouse gas levels to get 3 or 4 degrees of warming because once we pass the tipping point natural releases of carbon dioxide and particularly methane will far outweigh human emissions.

Hopefully a new equilibrium will be reached that allows human life on Earth to continue, but there are no guarantees. The world’s rulers are playing Russian roulette with the planet. The Copenhagen summit has spun the chamber and we await our fate.

This isn’t a failure of individuals or even of competing nations but a failure caused by the very nature of the capitalist system that runs our world. Decision making based on how to maximise profit cannot provide solutions to long term global problems. Even if we survive this disaster capitalism will spin the chamber again.

We’ve already been lucky once with CFC’s and the ozone layer. We cannot be lucky always. Achieving anarchism is no longer just about humanity freeing itself from oppression and exploitation. It’s about our very survival.

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